Emily Tea Set



Set of 4 pieces includes:
Tea Cups x2, Milk Jug & Sugar Pot with lid.

These last sets are new in box but pieces have minor imperfections in the glazing/finishing.

Winner of Qantas SOYA Object & Industrial Design 2010 as selected by Marc Newson

Tea Cup: 70ø x 70H mm
Milk Jug: 75ø x 75H mm
Sugar Pot: 70ø x 75H mm

Materials & Finish: Handmade ceramic, glazed white

Hand wash is recommended. If dishwasher is used, please place items on the upper rack. Shorter, gentler wash cycles are recommended with lower temperatures. Allow pieces to cool before removing. Harsh detergents, scourers and steel wool / abrasive pads should not be used on the pieces as these will scratch and cause damage.

Cup surface may be hot after pouring in a hot liquid. Allow cups to cool slightly before handling. Do not expose to extreme temperature changes. (i.e. freezer to hot water). Do not place pieces in the freezer, oven, stove top or in contact with a direct flame.

Stains may result from allowing coffee or tea to sit. To minimise stains, rinse directly after use. Marks from using a metal spoon can be removed by washing. 

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