What we do

Evie Group operates as a multidisciplinary studio. With extensive experience across product and graphic design industries, Alex and Dominic work closely with all our clients from start-ups to international organisations to deliver engaging visual designs and quality unique products. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations. An overview of these graphic and product design services are outlined below. For more details on our services or a quote for your next project, please contact us or view our graphics website at the link below. 


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Some brands we design for include

Graphic Design Services

We produce creative and unique designs that can communicate your ideas with the right message and tone to your target audience. We work with you across a range of mediums including presentation, print, branding, identity and online/digital. We work to your brand guidelines and your budget too!

Branding & Identity

  • Logo design & vector based illustrations
  • Creation of Brand Guidelines with fonts, colour palettes & brand usage
  • Branded stationery & document templates
  • Social media assets & templates 

PowerPoint, Keynote & Interactive Presentation Design

  • Advanced animated PowerPoint, Keynote & interactive PDF presentations
  • Slide master & template design for concept pitches, events & internal training
  • Icon & infographic creation, content development & concept design 
  • ebooks & interactive PDFs for training manuals & supporting documentation


Print & Promotional Material

  • Marketing collateral, annual reports, training manuals
  • Stationery templates, brochures, business cards, letterheads etc.
  • Templates for InDesign or Microsoft Office Word & PowerPoint
  • Packaging design 
  • Vector graphics and illustration 
  • Pre-press print production and management

Websites & Digital Content

  • Customised website design using templates for easy maintenance
  • Provision of imagery / stock photography 
  • SEO, web hosting & domain advice
  • HTML newsletter templates & email signatures 


Commissioned Product Design

Let us bring your product idea or signature collection to market! We have extensive experience in product design, production management, quality control, manufacturing in a range of materials and processes, both locally and offshore. Our strong relationship with suppliers means we can produce high quality designs in a cost effective manner, no matter your project or budget. Whether you need a quick concept or full production we can assist you make your idea a reality in any of the design stages listed below.

Stage 1: Design Brief & Creative Conceptualisation

We’ll work with you to establish a detailed brief, which outlines all your required design features, project/products outcomes, estimated costing and production options. From this process, we’ll generate unique and creative concepts that are practical in approach and ensure that any idea can be effectively realised in the following stages. We also offer additional options in research, exploring market trends, competing products and evaluating your design in the market place.

Stage 2: Design Refinement & Documentation

Next, we’ll take the agreed concept from Stage 1 and prepare it in detail for final design documentation. This includes photorealistic rendered images in multiple views, engineering drawings, 3D CAD files and any additional supporting materials required.

Stage 3: Prototyping & Assessment

Using the CAD files and engineering drawings produced in Stage 2, we’ll produce either a rapid prototype or a production sample prototype, both for realisation of form and final design refinement.

We can also offer you advice on suitable production methods based on the materials and finishes required for the design, and source manufacturers, suppliers and quotes for your prototype and/or final production. Tooling costs (if required) are quoted in production costs.

Stage 4: Final Production & Product Delivery

The approved sample from Stage 3 is then used as a guiding design for all production pieces. We can provide you with the required production management services and shipping options if desired. This stage can also include the creation of packaging design for your new product. 

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